Sunday, May 29, 2011

Timely Sunshine

Here is my chance to give you a little insight into who I am... random, creative, assertive, and passionate to say the least.
Like my blog title and the picture to the right, I am an idealist.  I once longed to be that woman with a low ponytail, string of pearls around her neck, who sat in a cocktail dress, and looked at her nails/computer all day long.  However, I have found myself on a different path... I am the mother of 5 amazing, unique children, full time high school art teacher.  
The theme of this blog really encompasses what I want to share with you.  No matter how hectic my day is, there is always that moment in the morning when the sun rises and shines through my window that gives me the reassurance that I have been blessed with a new day.  It is at that very moment that I realize no matter what happened the day before, I have been given the chance to become a better mom, teacher, and person. I will be sharing the daily ins and outs and ups and downs of my silly life.  I will write about my anger, frustrations, passions and enthusiasm.
I have been an avid blog follower of the NieNie Dialogues and cjane for several years now.  I ritualistically start my morning with a daily glance at the webcam on Ocean Beach in San Diego followed by the amazing and amusing posts of Stephanie and Courtney.  I created a Timely Sunshine over a year ago and it sat untouched until recently.  My friend started a cooking blog and reading her posts gave me the inspiration to get this thing up and going.
  I want to foster an atmosphere of community and involvement for my readers. Commenting and reader participation is a major factor in the growth and popularity of blogging. I encourage comments, disagreements, or criticisms from visitors.  With that being said... my first 11 weeks will be about my quest to Move it and Lose it with Dr. Oz.

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